About Us

Bald Peak, the only lakeside private country club in New Hampshire, offers 850 acres of unspoiled natural beauty with breathtaking views. In this idyllic setting, members enjoy golf on a challenging Donald Ross course, clay court tennis, water sports, beach activities, and an endless array of social, dining and junior events. While the superb facilities and natural beauty are incomparable, the lifelong friendships fostered through fun filled summers are the true treasures of Bald Peak. Our members come to the lake for complete relaxation and to enjoy the peaceful natural surroundings with their families. Bald Peak provides an added dimension to life at the lake by offering exceptional dining, a chance for young children and teens to gather and meet friends, and an endless variety of social and sporting events for adults. Whether you prefer traditional golf tournaments, bridge, a casual game of tennis, arts and crafts, swimming, kayaking or mountain climbing, there are activities for you at Bald Peak.

Membership options at Bald Peak are flexible, but most important, membership is fun for families of all ages. Our members travel from far and wide. Some members live on campus, while a majority of our members commute to the club daily, by boat or by car, from neighboring lakeside towns. For our members and sponsored guests, overnight accommodations are available in the clubhouse or in nearby cottages.
When members drive through the Bald Peak gates, they are instantly immersed in the beauty of the surrounding landscape and eagerly await the joyful times ahead. 

For more information on membership categories and how to become a member please contact: Alexia Steyn, Membership/Marketing Director at asteyn@baldpeak.org or Chris Wyles, General Manager at cwyles@baldpeak.org .


Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary