Dress Code

Bald Peak Dress Code

Clubhouse and Terrace - Proper golf, tennis and casual daytime attire is acceptable. Men’s shirts must include collars and must be tucked in. Footwear is required at all times and sneakers must be tied.For women, bathing suits, belly baring shirts, short shorts (Bermuda length preferred), inappropriately short skirts and uncovered sports bras are not acceptable.  For shorts, skirts and dresses, the "fingertip" rule applies, meaning the length of these items must be at least to the tip of one's index finger when one's arms are resting at one's side.  Spaghetti straps,halters and strapless attire all require an accompanied cardigan.The wearing of caps or visors is not acceptable in the clubhouse. Hats must not be worn backwards. Blue jeans, cut-offs, blue denim attire and cargo shorts/pants are not acceptable for anyone at any time.  Cargo is defined as loose-fitting shorts/pants featuring large, generous pockets along the sides of the legs.


Monday – Sunday, “Smart Casual” dress will be acceptable in the Tudor Grill and Dining Room. “Smart Casual” is defined as: slacks and collared shirt for men, a jacket is optional. However, golf shorts are also permitted for men and women during any dining experience, unless otherwise specified. 

This dress code pertains to members and guests of all ages. 
All members are responsible for appropriate attire for their family and guests.

Cellular Phone Use

Audible cell phone use is permitted only in the Clubhouse Conference Room, Guest Rooms or in one’s automobile and limited use “as needed” on the Beach.  Texting, email or use of the internet from a mobile device is acceptable as long as all sounds are turned off.