Reciprocal Clubs

Bald Peak Colony Club is pleased to offer reciprocal privileges to a number of wonderful clubs worldwide.

To Make Arrangements:
Reciprocal Members should contact Bald Peak to discuss their needs and make reservations.  
Use of facilities (Golf, Tennis, Beach & Dining) may only be used while a reciprocal member is staying overnight in the Clubhouse.
Reservations must be made in advance and can be made by phone 603-544-2511 or by email to .

Letter of Introduction
Admission and use of the facilities of Bald Peak shall be by presentation of a current Letter of Introduction (which shall be valid for 30 days). 

Billing Procedures:
All charges will be billed to reciprocal member’s accounts set up through Bald Peak. We do not bill directly the reciprocal club.

Please click here to view our Reciprocal Policy